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Static HTML website
A responsive page for all devices
Domain integration
Place images
Set up pages or delete pages
Set titles and description
Set Logo and icon of the company
Theme color of the company
Links to social media icons (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Set services and information of the company
Contact page( map, address, location)
About us page, picture, and profile
Footer information and Copyright
Email sending integration
Calendar for appointments
SSL Certificate-Secure
PageFAVICON for ICONE the page when you look for the site name

Site Demo

Solution: Website

What You Can Do With pyAttorney

pyAttorney IS NOT another WordPress theme. With years of experience in website development, pyAttorney is a custom built legal solution programmed in Python with a no coding required attitude. One of the best ways to get a good idea of what you can do with pyAttorney is to view its demo. The demo is fully customizable, and the primary features and functions you would require are free to test.

Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Home Page
Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website About Us
Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Attorneys
Attorney Detail
Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Attorney Detail
Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Practice
Practice Details
Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Practice Details
Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website News
Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Contact Us

Integrated With The Following Map Systems

pyAttorney provides integration with the Google Maps mapping system

Google Maps Logo Icon

Google Maps

Paid mapping service. pyAttorney is optimized to not exceed the $200 free credit offered monthly by Google Maps.

iPhone X Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Practice Areas
iPhone X Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Attorneys
iPhone X Mockup pyAttorney Legal Website Contact Us

pyAttorney Legal Presentation

Modern. Professional.

A professionaly designed Legal Presentation video made with Adobe After Effects. Stand out from the competition with a modern and professional video design for your Legal Website.

Presentations include customized text and images along with export and rendering to several formats. You can use your new Legal Presentation on your website, social media and other advertisements.

pyAttorney Legal Presentation Adobe After Effects
pyAttorney Legal Presentation

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