Knowledgebase:Create New Property

How do I create a new property step by step?

1). On the Administration page, Go to Real Estate section
( will be replaced with your website domain)
2). Click on Properties
3). Click on ADD PROPERTY ( on the top right of your page)
4). Add the ACTION Ex: buy
6). Add Category Ex: Houses
7). Add the Title ( Ex: Beachfront Apartment Near The Bay)
8) Add Slug Ex: beachfront-apartment-near-the-bay 8). Add Price Ex: 1850
9). Select Price After Text Ex: /monthly
10). Add a Description Heading Ex: This property will not last mong at this price
11). Add Description( if you want an automatic description just type coming soon and follow the steps for the description generator)
12). Add feature image, chose the file to upload the image
13). Add city, province or state, neighborhood, region
14). Type and Select the address on the Map
15). Type the Geolocation
16). Set the Zipcode
17). Add the living Size
18). Add the Lot Size
19). Add the garage Size
20). Add Unit number
21). Add HOA Monthly Fees
22). Add and Property HOA monthly fees
23). Add Property Taxes
24). Add Total property taxes for the property for the entire year
25). Add Cleaning Fee
26). Add Cleaning fee
27). Add Terrace Type
28). Add Location Type
29). Add View Type
30). Add Pool Type
31). Add Front Yard
32). Add Back Yard
33). Add Oven Type
34). Stove Type
35). Counter Type
36). Refrigerator Type
37). Fridge type is used for the description generator
38). Hot Water
39). Property Year
40). Property Roofing Type
41). Structure Type
42). Number of Floors
43). Number of Bedrooms
44). Number of Bathrooms
45). Number of Bedrooms AC
46). Number of Living Areas AC
47). Number of Living Areas
48). Number of Garage Spaces
49). Number of Balconies
50). Number of Showers
51). Number of Bathtubs
52). Number of Ceiling Fans
53). Sink Type
54). Closet Type
55). Community Type
56). Embed Calendar HTML
57). Embed Calendar URL
58). Embed YouTube Video ID
59). Embed Virtual Tour HTML
60). Embed Virtual Tour URL
61). Floor Plan
62). Distance To Airport
63). Distance To Shopping Mall
64). Distance To Hospital
65). Distance To Bank
66). Resnet HERS Index Value
67). Energy rating
68). Energy Class Rating
69). Energy Class A
70). Status
71). In Featured
72). In Slider
73). In FSBO
74). In Sold
75). In Openhouse
76). Show Google Map Header
77). Show Google Street View Icon
78). Agent
79). Date Published
80). Date
81). Time
82). Note
83). Number of Likes
84). Number of Page views
85). Amenities
86). Application Video Upload
87). Add Images
88). Click on SAVE or Save and continuing editing, if you want to make extras changes

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