Knowledgebase:Create New Theme

How do I create a new theme with my own colors?

1). On the Administration page, Go to Settings section
( will be replaced with your website domain)
2). Click on Themes
3). Click on ADD THEME ( on the top right of the page)
4). Select a dark theme or a light theme to copy
5). On Action select Duplicate theme
5). On the new theme copied add a name to the new theme
6). Click on Choose File to add a Theme Logo
7). Add Link Color
8). Add Text Primary Color
9). Add Text Secondary Color
10). Add Text White Color
11). Add Text Muted Color
12). Add Text Background Color
13). Select Text Background Secondary Color
14). Select Testimonial Background Color
15). Select Button Color
16). Select Button Outline Color
17). Button Background Color
18). Button Secondary Color
19). Button Secondary Outline
20). Border Color
21). Border Accent Color
22). Star Color
23). Card Color
24). Pageview Chart Color
25). Agent Avatar Thumbnail Style
26). Footer Primary Text Color
27). Footer Secondary Text Color
28). Footer Button Color
29). Footer Background Color
30). Copyright Text Color
31). Copyright Background Color
32). At the end of the page, Click SAVE or Save and Continuing editing if you want to make more modifications

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