Knowledgebase:Setup Image Settings - Photographer, Camera Type, Location

How do I setup the image settings for extra images?

1). On the Administration page, Go to REAL ESTATE section
( will be replaced with your website domain)
2). Click on Properties
3). Click the Property ID of the property to add more images
4). Scroll Down at the end of the history page of the property
5). On Images Section select Image Type Ex: Living room
6). On Images Section select Image Location Ex: Seattle, United States
7). On Images Section select Image Camera Ex: Nikon D7500
8). On Images Section select Image Photographer Ex: Laura Smith
9). On Images Section select Date Photographer as TODAY Ex: 2019-09-19
10). Click on SAVE or Save and continuing editing, if you want to make extras changes
Note: (You can do this same process with each image)

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