Knowledgebase:Setup Contact Page

How do I setup the contact page?

1). On the Administration page, Go to the Setting section
( will be replaced with your website domain)
2). Click on Settings
3). Click on Site Settings
4). Select Featured Agent Ex: David Smith
5). Contact Address Ex: 1234 Test Ave. Seattle, Washington
(This is the main address used on your website. Drag the marker on the map to set Geolocation
Contact Geolocation, Location field to display on the contact page. ex: 47.6631019,-122.3131012)
6). Contact Office Phone Number Ex: 123-456-789
(Enter the phone number for the main office contact)
7). Contact Mobile Phone Number Ex:123-456-789
(Enter the mobile phone number used for the main contact)
8). On Contact Featured Image, Choose File, This image will be displayed in the contact page description
9). Contact Description English, This is the main text description in English displayed on the contact page
10). Click on SAVE or Save and continuing editing, if you want to make extras changes

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