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*Some advertised features require the pyRealtor Mobile and pyRealtor TV applications sold seperately.

What You Can Do With pyRealtor

pyRealtor IS NOT another WordPress theme. With years of experience in Real Estate, pyRealtor is a custom built solution programmed in Python with a no coding required attitude. One of the best ways to get a good idea of what you can do with pyRealtor is to view its demo. The demo is fully customizable, and the primary features and functions you would require are free to test.

Light Theme
Dark Theme

Integrated With These Options

pyRealtor provides integration with the following systems

iHomefinder MailChimp Yelp Zillow Walk Score OpenWeather HERS Resnet Index Font Awesome reCaptcha QR Codes LionDesk ZoHo CRM tinyMCE

Integrated With The Following Map Systems

pyRealtor provides integration with the following mapping systems

Google Maps

Paid mapping service. pyRealtor is optimized to not exceed the $200 free credit offered monthly by Google Maps.


(Coming Soon)

OpenStreetMap is a free, editable map of the whole world released with an open-content license.


(Coming Soon)

Mapbox is a free and open-source mapping platform for custom designed maps for websites and web applications.

The Features That Make pyRealtor

The Best Real Estate Solution

A strick no coding required attitude to help you get a beautiful website without writing a single line of code. An advanced Property Management System, Agent Management System, FSBO Management System and Lead Management System to save you time.

An external API that connects to the pyRealtor Mobile and pyRealtor TV applications allowing for a one stop solution to manage your website, mobile and TV apps. Don't waste your time managing seperate databases for your sites. No other real estate theme or real estate template in the industry offers this level of connectivity.

Robust Features

pyRealtor is packed with the features Realtor and Real Estate Agents are looking for. Below is just a few of the integrations that we offer. To learn about everything pyRealtor can do please view our demo.

pyRealtor is more than just a powerful Real Estate Website and Real Estate Theme. These are just some of the tools at your disposal that will allow you to win over clients and close more deals.

Advanced Search Filters

These Advanced Search Filters will allow your clients to narrow in and find the best property for their budget and needs.

Advanced Search Widget

The Advanced Search Widget is displayed on property pages to allow quick and easy access to the advanced search filters.

Mortgage Calculator

The Mortgage Calculator is built right into the sidebar of property pages and is automaticaly filled in with the property's listed price to make things quick and easy. Calculate monthly payments in seconds.

PDF Generator

Wouldn't it be great if you could save or print a PDF file for each property and agent you were interested in? Well now you can with the new Real Estate PDF Generator built right into every property page and agent listing.

Weather Widget

The Real Estate Weather Widget Integration shows the current tempurature for each property right at the top in the title. A Weather Widget is also displayed on the sidebar displaying the current weather conditions for each real estate property listing.

Zillow Integration

Calculate Zillow property values to quickly get an estimate of your current home's value. The Zillow Integration page will display a map at the top of the page to help clients pick their ideal property based on their current home's valuation.

MailChimp Subscribe

Increase your return and close that deal with the Real Estate MailChimp Subscribe integration. Easily add your custom MailChimp form code to display a subscribe form.

Yelp! Integration

View nearby education, medical and transportation related listings from Yelp! with the included Yelp! Integration.

Facebook Widget

Show off your Facebook Page using our built in Facebook Widget that displays on the sidebar.

Twitter Widget

Show off your recent Tweets with the included Twitter Widget. It will automatically update as you tweet to display the newest information.

Simple. Administration Panel.

Settings? Easy.

The Simple Real Estate Admin Panel gives you access to everything in one place. Each category is organized will all of the related settings.

Easily add a new property and agent or change and customize your theme. Everyhing is just a few clicks away. Create groups for special users or hide settings for others. You have full control.

Custom Pages

Add Custom Real Estate Pages to your navigation using the built in editor TinyMCE. It will generate all of the HTML without writing a single line of code.

Custom Navigation

Group Custom Pages into the Custom Navigation and place them in your header or footer.

Media Manager

Manage Real Estate Media in one place at the buttom of each property. No need to insert images in different places or deal with a clutter of images ever again. learn more

Description Generator

The Real Estate Description Generator supports multiple languages and generates a quick starter description instantly for any property in the list. Easy to setup with customizable fields. learn more

Theme Changer

Easily change themes without the worry of importing and exporting data. Most Real Estate Themes require importing and exporting data in order to change templates or themes. Never again! learn more

Settings Panel

The Real Estate Settings Panel provides access to all the major site settings in one place. No need to jump around the admin panel to find settings since they are organized in one place.

URL Redirects

Normally URL Redirection is added to sites using expensive third party SEO add-ons. With pyRealtor it comes included in every site ready to use.


pyRealtor is multiple language ready. Even the admin panel and Real Estate Description Generator are ready to go with support for multiple languages.

Custom Widgets

Create Custom Real Estate Widgets in a few seconds. Use custom HTML for full control or use a title, description and image to generate the widget automatically.

Navigation Options

Choose from several navigation bar options, each of which is easily customizable. All of the navigation options allow a featured agent to be displayed up top with contact information included as a tooltip.

Header Options

The Real Estate Homepage Slider is automatically generated for you. Just select a checkbox next to the properties you want included in the slider and it will automatically update live with your choices. Easily change the slider height in the settings or opt for a video instead. If you prefer to get straight to the point you also have the option to display a half map or full map.

Slider Half
Slider Full

Listing Page Options

Organize your listing pages with elegance and class. Category pages have the option to display a featured image, map or just a property list view. All with no coding required. Images are even resized automatically.

Half Map
Top Map
Top Image
List View

Property Page Settings

Create and Customize the Real Estate Listing

Setup your property and spend your time closing, not coding. A built-in Google Maps integration allows you to geo-locate a property using the address or by dragging and dropping the pin.

The built-in Real Estate Media Manager is included at the bottom of each property settings page. No more searching through hundreds or thousands of media files just to attach the right one.

Property Page Templates

Choose the perfect layout for your property pages. Each property can be customized to display a Map Header, Yelp! Listings, WalkScore, Video, Virtual Tour and more. Property Pageview Statistics are also generated automatically to see whats hot and what might need some special attention.

Top Map
No Map
Image Modal
Yelp and Walk Score
Video and Virtual Tour
Agent Contact

Property Management System

It Does What The Others Don’t

You’re probably expecting pyRealtor to be just a theme that makes your real estate website look good. Instead, it does much more than that. pyRealtor includes a property management system that you can use to administrate a real estate marketplace, coordinate your agents, manage leads and hunt aggresively for FSBOs to grow your offerings.

pyRealtor was built to increase your conversions and get more calls from your leads, schedule more viewings for your real estate properties and ultimately earn more commissions. With its wide range of features, it is the ultimate toolbox for someone who wants to present a property in the best possible way.

Description Generator

The Real Estate Description Generator supports multiple languages and generates a quick starter description instantly for any property in the list. Easy to setup with customizable fields. learn more

FSBO System

Capture properties listed as for sale by owner and add them directly into your system. Increase your chances of contracting FSBOs, and close more deals. learn more

SEO Helper Panels

Panels are placed to help you manage any missing content, images, descriptions, etc in order to get the best possible Search Engine rankings for your real estate website.

Sold Properties

Sold properties are automatically placed in a special section so that clients get a better idea of market conditions.

Openhouse Properties

Select properties for Openhouse status and they will be placed on the Openhouse Listing page. Combine with the pyRealtor TV app (sold seperately) featuring the Openhouse Mode for an unstoppable combination.

Featured Properties

Check the box next to featured property and these properties will be automatically included in the Featured Properties section of your real estate website homepage.

Real Estate Description Generator

pyRealtor is the only Real Estate Website theme or template to incorporate a custom coded Real Estate Description Generator.

Get started with your listings quickly by using the Real Estate Description Generator and then customize or add anything to it that you like.

Multiple Languages

Not fluent in a particular language? No problem. The Real Estate Description Generator can get you started with descriptions in multiple languages.

Customizable Fields

Customize the Description Generator with custom words and phrases for a unique and easy to use tool.

Instant Descriptions

Descriptions are generated instantly for your real estate website. You can even select multiple properties and generate many descriptions at the same time.

FSBO Management System

Never Miss An Opportunity

pyRealtor is the first to provide you with an integrated FSBO System that allows you to work on leads listed as for sale by owner. Get aggresive and get more contracts with our FSBO System. Use pyRealtor Mobile (sold seperately) and add FSBOs directly to the database from your mobile device.

With a secure login, the FSBO System allows you to visualize FSBOs on the map with their geo-location. Fill in any details and a picture of the property so you can stay in contact and remember who's who.

Agent Management System

Most Real Estate Websites are just property templates with a theme. pyRealtor includes an integrateed Agent Management System that builds the agent list, about us and agent details pages automatically. No coding required.

pyRealtor makes it easy to import a list of agents using a CSV file. You guessed it, we also allow you to export all your agents to a CSV file as well. Your data belongs to you.

Agents - About Us
Agent Details

Lead Management System

CRM Export Friendly

pyRealtor is the only Real Estate Website that allows direct integration into existing CRM systems. Every contact request sent through the website or mobile app is sent directly to your email. Each request is then turned into a lead and placed in your Admin Panel and stored. Never lose a lead again.

Not only does pyRealtor capture every contact request from your site and save them to the database, it allows you to export these leads to your favorite CRM management system: LionDesk, ZoHo, SaleForce and CSV File.

pyRealtor Mobile

Tools. Designed For Realtors.

With the mobile FSBO system you can add properties to your database directly from your mobile device using your camera and geolocation. Properties added via the mobile app will show up in the pyRealtor FSBO database to be viewed with your website or on mobile devices.

Clients can use the Find An Agent feature to find the closest agent live and updated from your device's geolocation. Accept requests and allow potential clients to track the agent just like a delivery app. Clients can upload property information and an image allowing agents to decide priority over requests. Requests are also stored in the pyRealtor Admin Panel.

pyRealtor TV

The Impossible. Now Possible.

Featuring the new Office Mode, pyRealtor for Apple TV cycles through all of the properties with slideshows and descriptions to be used as the most exciting office advertisement on the market. Now supports Apple TV 4K.

Bring pyRealtor TV to your next Open House and plug in your Apple TV. Open House Mode will cycle through the selected property description, information and slideshow of images. It will then repeat allowing you to focus on closing the deal.

pyRealtor For Apple TV

Get pyRealtor and Create

The Real Estate Website You Always Wanted

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