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What You Can Do With pyShop

pyShop IS NOT another WordPress theme. With years of experience in E-Commerce Sales, pyShop is a custom built solution programmed in Python with a no coding required attitude. One of the best ways to get a good idea of what you can do with pyShop is to view the demo. The demo is fully customizable, and the primary features and functions you would require are free to test.

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Integrated With The Following Map Systems

pyShop provides integration with the Google Maps mapping system

Google Maps Logo Icon

Google Maps

Paid mapping service. pyShop is optimized to not exceed the $200 free credit offered monthly by Google Maps.

Robust Features

pyShop is packed with the features Sellers and E-Commerce Stores need. Below is just a few of the integrations that we offer. To learn about everything pyShop can do please view our demo.

pyShop is more than just a powerful E-Commerce Shop. These are just some of the tools at your disposal that will allow you to win over clients and close more sales.

Advanced Search Filters

Using product attributes, create custom Advanced Search Filters for your customers to filter products by size, type, style, color and more.

Stripe Payment Support

Stripe is the easiest payment method to get started with credit card processing.

BrainTree Payment Support

BrainTrain is the leader in payment processes. With BrainTree easily accept Apple Pay, Google Play and PayPal along with all the major credit cards.

Bank Transfer Payment Support

Every pyShop comes built-in with a bank transfer payment method to get started. Use this method if you do not have credit card processing approved.

Product Collections

Use Product Collections to create a grouping of products based on any selection. Group winter or summer products that can be linked in the navigation.

Custom Pages

Create custom pages and navigation to add to the header or footer of pages directly in the pyShop Admin Dashboard.

SSL Secure Site

Every pyShop runs with SSL Encryption giving you the latest in secure technologies to protect against site attacks and data theft.

Google Maps Integration

Each pyShop Contact page is integrated with Google Maps embedded directly into the page.

Promotional Pricing

Configure sales to run for products with full control over start and end dates, products, categories or collections.

Coupon Generator

The pyShop Coupon Generator can generate discount codes for all customers, individual orders or for certain product types.

Simple. Administration Panel.

Settings? Easy.

The pyShop Dashboard Admin Panel gives access to all of the settings needed to manage orders, products, customers, sales, custom pages, navigation and more.

Designed with a mobile first approach, the pyShop Dashboard works perfectly on smaller screens and tablets when time is critical. Don't let that order update ruin your weekend.

Invoicing System

The Invoicing System allows you to generate PDF invoices instantly with a single click. Get the job done and be professional. learn more

Manage Payments

Manage credit card payments and refunds directly from the pyShop system. No need to login to a 3rd party credit card system. learn more

Manage Customers

Manage and keep track of all of your customers. Use the Advanced Filters to quickly find that pending customer waiting for an update.

Manage Products

Finally, an easy and simple way to add products, images, categories and descriptions. learn more

Manage Discounts

Create discount codes and sales using the pyShop system. Apply them to a product range or enable them for a particular time window. learn more

Manage Orders

Managing and checking up on order statuses has never been this easy. Give your customers the service they deserve and save as much time as possible. learn more

Product Management System

Create And Customize Product Listings

The pyShop Product System allows you to customize and configure simple or complex products with attributes like size, color or type.

Attach and manage product images all from the system. Manage product variants and margins all from the Product Admin of pyShop.

Product Variants

Customize complex products based on size, color or type. Create custom attributes and setup products exactly the way they should be.

Manage Inventory

Optionally, each product can manage and control inventory.

Margin Calculator

Quickly see how much profit is made on each item using the built in margin calculator.

Invoicing & Payment System

All In One Place

With the pyShop Invoicing System generate PDF invoices with a single click and send notification emails to your customer. Invoices and emails will be professionaly formatted with your company name and logo.

The integrated Payment System allows you to manage payments in one place. Capture payments directly from the credit card, process refunds and view the history for each order. No need to login to a separate system for credit card processing.

Direct Capture

Process credit card payments and refunds directly in the pyShop system.

Payment History

View the entire payment history since the order was placed. Easily keep track of backorders or other updates.

Generate PDF Invoice

PDF Invoices are generated automatically instantly and with a single click.

Order Management System

Management Made Easy

The pyShop Order Management System allows you to visualize and prepare all of your orders in one place. Check payment or shipment status in seconds.

Finding that particular customer just got easier using the Orders Advanced Filters that allow you to search for orders by ID, name, date, status, payment status or price.

Advanced Filters

Find the customer or order you are looking for in seconds. No more wasted time.

Payment Status

Easily check payment statuses with a glance and make sure to capture and process every order that gets placed.

Order Status

Don't leave your customers hanging. Make sure the orders have been fullfilled easily and quickly using the order status.

pyShop E-Commerce Presentation

Modern. Professional.

Stand out from the competition with a custom designed E-Commerce Product Presentation video. Place the video on your homepage to draw customers in.

Presentations include customized text and images along with export and rendering to several formats. You can use your new E-Commerce Presentation on your website, social media and other advertisements.

pyShop E-Commerce Presentation in Adobe After Effects

pyShop MailChimp Subscribe Add-on

Never Lose a Lead

With the pyShop MailChimp Subscribe Add-on you can capture leads from your website and integrate them into your campaings.

Turn nothing into something. Lead generation is a great way to increase sales and customer awareness. Allow your customers to sign up directly without any interaction and start generating leads today.

pyShop MailChimp Add-on

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